Dorkbot at Art’s Birthday Sword Fight

Let’s get ready to rrrrrumblllle!

Come to Art’s Birthday, make a hat, then compete with other hat makers in a sword battle to the death… of the hat.

Wait! What?

Basically we will be doing is performing Milan Knizak’s Fluxus score Confrontation No. 1
“Each participant wearing a paper cap tries to knock off with a wood or toy sword the cap of another while defending himself with own sword against the attempts of opponents. 1965”

Participants will make and decorate paper hats, then compete in a round robin tournament until a victor is declared and a trophy is won.

I will be needing some volunteers. If you volunteer you can still compete. I need someone to:
take a quick photo of combatants for documentation.
help wrangle competitor
be a judge
Also if you are interested in doing colour commentary, let me know, otherwise I’ll get up and make a fool of myself.

This is the third year we are participating and it is always a really fun night! So even if you don’t want to volunteer, come out for some fun and cake. Also, tell all your friends!

Where is the electricity? We will have some electric stuff to decorate the hats!

Art’s Birthday
Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ 7-11PM
EMMEDIA 351 – 11 Ave SW
Admission is FREE

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