Next meeting Tuesday May 24th 7 pm EMMEDIA

Dana Schloss and Katherine Ziff

Dana likes making exhibits that people like playing in.  She came to Calgary to develop exhibits(with the help of Calgary’s helpful population) as part of the team at the New Science Centre. Before arriving in Canada she worked as a designer, prototyper and fabricator in Childrens Museums and Science Centers in Philadelphia and New York.  Dana is dedicated to using maker-based models for developing museum exhibits that are fun, relevant and hopefully meaningful.  She would also very much like it if you came to Dorkbot to try some of the exhibits we’ve been working on.

Katherine makes exhibits that remind you why it’s so great to be curious. She is part of the team developing exhibits for the new science centre. Before that, she developed exhibits and programs for children’s museum and science centres across the United States.

Here’s our New Science Centre blog. Check out what we’re up to.

Lon Parker

Lon will be talking about Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus.

Garrett Baumgartner

I’m a new media artist and an all-round creative guy residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Originally from a small town called Nipawin located in northern Saskatchewan, I moved to Calgary to attain my BFA in the Media Arts + Digital Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD). Currently I am donating my skills as a Researcher in Residence and as a Technical Producer to the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture (CE3C – pronounced “seek”) at ACAD.

My expertise and interests stretches across several areas of digital media creation — from website development, video art and animation; to electronic textiles, photography and interactive installations. As a new media artist, I enjoy exploring and pushing the bounds of technology as a means to create memorable and enjoyable human experiences. I am always open to new challenges and I look forward contributing to projects and organizations that share a sense of creative discovery.

When I am not busy working on projects I can be found reading the latest current events stories, playing a few songs on my guitar, or spending quality time with my girlfriend, Shiori, and my cat, Tabi.

Garrett is online at

Many thanks to EMMEDIA for donating our space this month.


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